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Data is probably the most important thing an organization possesses.

Even though there is a lot of talk of a paperless environment, you can be assured that some form of data is always preserved in the paper. 

Whether your business is a small one or a large corporate, irrespective of the sector your work is involved in, sensitive and confidential information must be safeguarded from those trying to access it.

Most organizations will not use or even keep all their data forever. You will have to dispose of some of the old data in order to make room for new data. It sounds mainstream but it has to be done with caution, to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

By an estimate, 85% of the data breaches occur internally, within the organization.

The average data breach costs organizations $5.85 in revenue.  

If this doesn't sound like a nightmare, it will be, when you have a have a breach in your security.

Your company's reputation and your customer's trust will be lost. Think of that as basically everything your organization works for.

There is two type of shredding processes, namely on-site shredding and off-site shredding. The former is when the destruction of all your selected data happens within the premises of your organization and the latter is when your documents are taken to the company you hire to destroy your data and are shredded within their premises.

Here are some of the benefits pertaining to document shredding:

1. Get peace of mind 
When a client provides you with their data, as an organization you're expected to safeguard the data and prevent it from being misused or compromised in any way. Shredding the documents will incur peace of mind to the company as well as their customers, knowing that the data has been discarded the right way.

2. Be secure
Buying an office shredder seems like a wise choice. But there are issues which you need to consider.

What if you run the risk of someone getting his, or her hands on this sensitive information?

What if you don't have enough security for preventing access to these documents which you want to destroy?

What if you don't have time and resources it takes for you to manually shred those documents?

3. Save time
Imagine an on-site, high-speed, destruction service. Think of a mobile shredding truck which arrives at your office, collects the documents from you, and destroys your documents in the fraction of the time that it would take you to do it manually.

Think of 100% verification of the shredding process, complete with video recordings of the process.

4. Opt for eco-friendly shredding 
Choose a shredding company which recycles 100% of your shredded documents.  One that will send your shredded documents along with those of other companies to a trusted recycling partner.

The shredded document will then be made into new paper products. The security to your business is assured and at the same time, you  contribute to the environment.

Now you can weigh your options, actions, and consequences. Make an informed decision with regards to your organization's paper management and shredding,

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  • Date: 13-12-2019