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Computing which is based on the Internet is referred to as cloud computing.

The applications or programs you download and run on your computer are stored physically on your computer.

This takes up space and over a period of time causes you to upgrade your software and hardware. Storing applications and programs on the cloud allows you to access them through the Internet without hardware or software upgrades.

You probably rely on cloud services without even knowing it. For example, when you check your facebook status or even check your balance on the phone, you’re operating in the cloud.

There is a survey conducted by Right Scale in 2017, the largest survey regarding the use of cloud infrastructure (focused on cloud buyers and users) with1,002 IT professionals in the study.

The study claims that 85% of the of the organizations have a multi-cloud strategy, running 41% of their workload on public clouds, and 38% on private clouds.

Here are some of the reasons why organizations use cloud services.

1. Eliminates the need for frequent software updates 

The latest version of the application is made available to all the users.

These updates introduce new features and functionality allowing you to be more productive. The applications run smoothly, as opposed to purchased or home grown software which has significant update releases, often once or more times a year. 

2. You get more for less 

Cloud computing allows you to reduce the size of your data centers and even eradicate your data center footprint altogether. It reduces the number of servers, staff, and costs without having any impact on your enterprise’s IT functionality.

3. The application is available 24x7x365

Almost all the vendors for cloud provide services are extremely reliable with most of them sustaining 99.99% uptime.

As long as you have an Internet connection that's always on, you can use the application from wherever you are.

4. Improves Colocation 

Cloud services allow people who are scattered across geographies to meet virtually.

Plus, share their information in real time with ease. This enables speed in customer service, product development, and time-to-market.

5. It costs less to do more work 

Mainstream computing requires spending huge amounts of money before you get any value from your investments in the data center.

Instead of spending on hardware, facilities, utilities, other aspects of operations, purchasing, building and operating your data center you can switch to the cloud and save money. What's more, human time and resources can be used for managing more critical things.

6. You get Shared Security 

Your business has to be protected from events such as brand damage and loss of revenue.

Your organization may also face regulatory & compliance obligations. Switching to the would reduce your burden and risk along with responsibility.

Resiliency and agility would be built into the cloud by your service provider to limit the risk of a security breach.

Just two of the reasons above would be sufficient for you to switch to the cloud.

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  • Date: 13-12-2019