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In today’s fast-paced world, the requirements of data retention have become increasingly rigorous and stringent, mostly to abide by the extensive industry compliance laws and corporate regulations. This emphasises the vitality of backups of relevant information in order to ensure business continuity is smartly tackled, even after the company faces hiccups of any kind, be it something unforeseen as a natural disaster or being caught up in an unwanted mesh of a failure. However, data accumulated over the years require smart and affordable storage solutions, and herein, for long-term data storage, tape gives out advantages over more recent technologies that offer disk-based solutions.

Now, why is business data so important?

  • Data can be all the statistical information, which is vital for any organisation
  • This information plays an intrinsic role in the deft running of the company and its management system
  • Data has direct implications on the productivity of an organisation and its overall development is majorly dependent on those crucial data

Hence, prudent techniques are executed by offsite tape storage solutions when it comes to preserving that information.

Crucial business data is priceless and can give a steady direction to the profit curve of a company. That’s why there are often debates and discussions as to where the backup media can be stored, and which tape transcription services are the best. And, they are usually done in media vaults, after the storage conditions and rotation schedules are given a thorough inspection before deciding on the preservation of backup media.

However, merely storing the information is not good enough. Along with the fact that data needs to be kept in a secure place, the storage provisions must be such that it’s safely handled and timely procured. As far as the requirements stand, a reliable media vault is of extreme importance.

This brings us to the question, what is a media vault? Well, it’s essentially a provision that’s specifically designed to preserve backup tapes and other formats of media. This vault maintains and preserves all possible secrecy norms that can lead to the highest form of privacy in maintaining the media tapes.

As data continues to grow exponentially, thereby posing a risk to clog up networks and servers over the years, here’s why to opt for tape data storage:

1 You can secure your tapes off-site in the highest possible secure media vaults

2 In order to minimise data breaches, this provision is extremely useful, where the tapes are picked up as well as dropped off in safe bins in order to ensure a chain of custody is maintained

  • In this facility, you can scan all possible backup tapes for tracking, so that the entire process can be entirely documented
  • As far as transportation is concerned, the tapes, to preserve their privacy, are transferred to the media vault facility in protective vans, which are also highly secure
  • Emergency retrieval services are also offered by the tape vaulting facilities. This helps you to have access to your tapes as fast as possible
  • Safety and security of crucial data become expensive, and that’s why outsourcing this to a trustworthy player is not only a good option but a smart move as well

Critical data is that one vital asset, which has inconceivable powers to help give a structure to a company and take it to greater heights. So, when it comes to media tape vaulting services, rely on Writer Information. We understand the importance of such data, and with our vast experience and immense expertise, we at Writer have successfully applied the new age technologies to execute world-class standards to preserve and procure them based on our customers’ convenience.

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  • Date: 13-12-2019