Cloud Data Center & IT Operations

Whether you own one or are outsourcing it completely, Writer Information can help you.

You may currently have your own cloud data center

Or perhaps, you’re contemplating to set up one because of rapid growth in your business.

But did you know that setting up your own room for data center operations would be fraught with problems from redundancy to under-utilization? When you get it wrong it could mean data loss - lawsuits, loss of business, waste of energy, downtime for repairs, and sometimes even bankruptcy.

As a CIO you are worried about these things. Which is why it makes so much sense to partner with Writer Information. We'll manage all the headaches for you.


Experience shows that company-owned data center management have multiple challenges

  • Low utilization of resources
  • High energy and environmental costs
  • Silos within the data center leading to redundancy
  • Lack of agility in responding to new trends in technology
  • Constant security threats
  • Low speed of data transfers
  • Huge investments needed for its upkeep

Gain from Cloud Data Center and IT Operations with Writer Information’s data management services

  • Securely and cost effectively uses the cloud to store your business data
  • Supports your network of offices to store data, back it up, replicate it offsite, and secure it
  • Manages and protects remote user data on all types of devices
  • Allows users in your business to share and collaborate easily
  • Prevents your business data from being spread over insecure public file sharing services
  • Provides a practical method to ensure the backups

7 reasons to choose Writer Information for your Secure Cloud Storage Services


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