Tape Transcription Services

How to ensure that your surveillance videos are transcribed, tagged, and searchable quickly.

Your bank maintains videos of customer transactions.

Usually, this is mandated by the RBI.

You record information on hard drives [HDD]. After a while, the information burgeons - lots of hard disks with lots of information.

The challenge is in storing the hard disks, retrieving information from it, and helping you respond quickly to any queries.


Writer Information helps you manage tape data storage effectively.

After all, we have been helping banks all over the country with their video tape transcription services, compression, storage, and retrieval.

Why not your bank?

The precise process we use is explained below.

  • We'll send a team to your branches in secure vehicles to collect the HDD
  • A quality control team will go through the HDD to assess images and confirm it to you
  • The team will then transcribe, convert, compress, and cue these videos for retrieval. This is then made available online to you via SFTP
  • Your bank's helpdesk pulls the HDD video content via SFTP to search and respond quickly to any queries 

With 1000s of video transcriptions under our belt and proven processes for managing it, let Writer Information help you with your tape transcription services.

Why should you choose Writer Information as your Secured Storage Partner?


Information Management Centres across 10 locations in India



square feet of storage space



seats of Business Processing (BPS) centres


Latest fire detection systems as well as water hydrant and gas based suppression systems


Protection systems ranging from humidity, temperature and dust control


24/7 security


CMMI 5 appraised


ISO 9001 and ISO 27001


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