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Manufacturing Solutions

In today’s world of constant commercialisation, manufacturers need to keep pace with advanced digitisation while keeping a close eye at the expenses. At Writer Information, the solutions that we provide have been designed to maximise the benefits of the clients by bringing down the gap between demand and supply and reduced procurement expenses.

Our FAO capabilities help the customers to:

  • manage the unpredictability quotient
  • control input expenses, surging demands
  • provide options to customers in terms of channels
  • sign off with promising after-sales services
  • keep the inventory costs relatively low
  • handle the supply chain efficiently
  • beat the competitors in the market

Our Value Differentiators

  • Lowered processing cost by
    25 - 30%

  • Improved Accuracy up to 99%

  • Audit Trail to ensure effective controls in place

  • Average Processing Time accelerated by 60%

  • Boosted Transparency due to MIS on real time basis

  • Insights & Analytics for better decision making


Faster TAT, Easier Processes & Operational Efficiency

A faster TAT, easier processes and significant operational efficiency

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Protecting Most Valued

Protecting What's Valued the Most.

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Digitise the World of FAO

Helping Digitise the World of FAO

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Transforming FAO Landscape

Transforming the FAO Landscape

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Partner with Information Management Company

Partnering with India's most trusted information management company

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Intelligent Data Capture when complemented with RPA, leads to total automation

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Next Generation Technology Levers in FAO

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Secured Storage Services

Secured Storage Services

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Innovative Era in FAO Landscape

The onset of an innovative era in the FAO landscape

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Devising intelligent technology solutions and growth strategies to help data-driven businesses
to scale up and evolve faster than the market.

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