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Healthcare Solutions & Services

Driving in process efficiency with smarter solutions

The need for enhanced, patient-centric medical services has increased over the years. World-class patient care at optimal pricing is the norm of the day. Regulatory bodies also ensure that each and every service adheres to a prescribed standard with a traceable audit trail.

Writer Information's hospital focused services help drive breakthrough growth, increased customer engagement, improved health outcomes and reduced expenses. Our Health BPO Services enable end-to-end service management employing the latest technology. Writer Information’s Business Process Services provide healthcare management solutions offerings that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of healthcare providers. Hospital information management services enable you to manage critical healthcare processes from billing to patient care.

Our Services Include

Our Value Differentiators

  • 24 x 7 x 365 service to simplify the coordination of care and flow of information among patients and physicians.

  • 50 million medical records processed.

  • 5 million provider updates processed annually at or above 89% accuracy

  • 10 million patients on-boarded.

  • 5 million claims transactions processed annually at or above 99% accuracy


Healthcare Solutions & Services

Healthcare Solutions and Services

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Boosting Customer Convenience

Boosting the conveniences of the customers like never before

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IVF Solutions

IVF Solutions: Advanced healthcare applications for effectively managing IVF/AR Clinics

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RPA in Healthcare Sector

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Writer Information Business Process Services

Writer Information Business Process Services

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